Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Texas Tuesday- You've Never Seen Alice Like This!!

(Photo by Savannah's Meadow)

We all have our own comfort zones.  Some are big and some are small.  Mine tends to be pretty small.  I have tried to be better about it.  I might try a new food or a new drink.  But let's face it.  I'm the girl that gets the exact meal at my favorite restaurant.  I am afraid of heights so going to Six Flags is pointless.  The craziest I get is seeing how far I can go after the gas light came on.  That being said, I stepped way out of my comfort zone this past weekend.  I am not a dancer and I don't like being in front of a crowd...I did both!

I've written about my favorite lavender farm before.  They have the Majestic Oak Treehouse and the Shabby Chic grotto that you can rent.  I know I've talked about their sugar scrubs before!!!  Every year for the past few years, they have held an event called "Lavender and Lights."  It's for adults only.  Your ticket cost covers an excellent meal so the most you have to bring is your own adult beverages.  We had never been before.  This year, Gwen asked me to be part of the entertainment.  It was the opening "act" to set the mood/theme.  The theme was "Alice in Wonderland." Not the cartoon "Alice", Tim Burton's version.  All I had to do was a learn a 3 minute dance.  Sounds easy enough, right?  But I am not a dancer.  So with only my dance experience being 1 year of ballet (when I was SIX!), I went to practice and learned the routine.  It was simple enough.

Finally  the night of came...and I was so nervous!! Thankfully, our "cast" was so sweet and supportive!  We pulled it off without a hitch!  It was awesome!   The rest of the night was fabulous.  We met people that had come from all over the DFW area.  We listened to the vocal stylings of a local singer who sang songs that touched on a genres.  There was even a magician there!  Gwen, Mike and their group of creative geniuses made the farm fit the theme.  They had made a giant checker board spray painted in the grass.  And if you were feeling crazy, you could play croquet with the flamingo set just like in the movie!  This is definitely an event to put on your calendar for next year!!  There are a few more events before they close for the year.  Make sure to check them out of Facebook or their website!  The link is above.  They have a Starlight Music Night coming up soon.  It is a great event to bring the family, a cooler and a blanket to sit on.  Who doesn't like to listen to live music under the stars?!

I wished I had taken more pictures!  But I was so busy having fun that I completely forgot!!  Here's a few from the night
                The Whole Crew!!
Alice, Queen and Cheshire Cat
One of the several TALL mushrooms!
Tyla Taylor
The Queen's Castle
Be sure to click all the links.  Staying in the treehouse is a "bucket list" kind of thing!  I have already checked it off my list!
Hugs y'all!

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