About Me

I guess you might like to know about the red head behind the blog.  So here it goes:
I was born and raised in the great lone star state and wouldn't have it any other way.  I am the wife to 1, and mama to 2.  "Red" is my 14 year old daughter who eats like a grown man and plays basketball year round.  "Chief" is the 9 year old little guy who drives me crazy but man, he is so cute!  The four of us live in the country on "family land" next door to my parents.  We have 2 dogs-Shiner and Hank.  By day, I run a pediatric speech therapy practice.  By night, I might be blogging and being mama/wifey OR sitting at a basketball practice.
I'm quirky and weird but that's ok.  I don't like for my food to touch so divided plates are my best friend.  I don't like vegetables, milk, seafood, mushy foods, energy drinks, rude people, coffee, early mornings, late nights, cold weather, inconsiderate people, participation ribbons/medals, obnoxiously loud people, folding laundry, unloading the dishwasher, disorganization &chaos, strobe lights, and driving over water.  See? Told ya I was quirky and weird.
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Hugs y'all,
Lone Star Ginger