Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Texas Tuesday- Shabby Chic Getaway

Texas Tuesday is back on the blog!  I am so excited about this one.  I have written before about my favorite lavender farm so it should be no surprise that it is back on the blog!!  They have a new feature on the farm that is tons of fun for a GNO or a mommy/daughter trip.

Gwen had told me of their plans to renovate an old camper trailer a while back.  I knew if anyone could make it greatness she could!  When it was just about ready, she invited my daughter and I for a stay.  Let me say it did not disappoint!  The sweet little camper sits back in some trees.  The area has been cleared for the camper, a patio set and a hot tub.  The camper is situated perfectly under a huge tree.  Gwen had a custom paint job done on the outside but inside, it is all Gwen (with probably some help from Mike;)
My lovely daughter doing her best "Vanna White" impersonation.
Now remember this is a 1969 model.  It's not a 24,000 square foot penthouse.  It's a camper.  It's meant to be compact.  To make it more comfortable, things have been reconfigured.  The bathroom has been removed but there is one close by.  Both my daughter and I were worried about that but it ended up not being an issue.  Gwen provides a flashlight just in case you need to make a midnight bathroom run.  In the spot of the old bathroom is a comfortable bunk bed set.  We laid in bed all evening and watched movies on the TV that faces the bed.
Red chilling on the top bunk before dinner.
The view from the bed.  This was the morning after.  Unfortunately, we had to get out of this cozy spot to get back to reality.  
There's even a cute kitchen complete with a microwave and fridge!!
This little gem is perfect for a few friends to have their girls' night there.  If you don't want to sit in "Gwen's Grotto," you can sit outside under the beautiful tree, try out the hot tub OR walk about the property!!  It's a beautiful farm with lots of things to see.  They are working a new treehouse too!  Sit out front of the silo and enjoy the sweet breeze of the blooming lavender (which is my favorite thing to do there!). As you walk the farm, see if you can find fun little photo booths. 
This one was tucked in the trees!
This one, I have noticed, changes places.  I love that they had the frame facing this way.  Love the lavender in the back!!  I wished I had brought our good camera so that I could capture the true "cuteness" of Gwen's Grotto.  The phone camera just doesn't do it justice.

So get a couple of friends together and book your night!!! Or do like I did and make it a mother/daughter night!  Make sure to visit the silo and load on your bath salts, sugar scrubs, and lavender essential oils!!  Every time I go, I get my jar of sugar scrub!  I big puffy heart that stuff!!!!

Savannah's Meadow, LLC
4473 FM 903
Celeste, Tx
Check them out Facebook too!!!

Tell them the Lone Star Ginger sent you!!

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