Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet the Blogger Monday!

I know...usually this is make up Monday.  But today, I thought I would introduce myself to the new followers to the blog, Facebook and Instagram.

I am Melissa.  I live in a small Texas town with my husband and two kiddos.  Actually, I live in the town I grew up in...and in the same house I was raised in.  The hubs and I are (SLOWLY) remodeling the house but everyone knows that's a process!  From time to time, I might show off a project or two on the blog (only if it's easy!!).  As for my kids, "Red" is 13 years old and "Chief" is 8 years old.  I had given them names in my first blog post but "little red" is now taller than me:( and "Pistol" asked for his to be changed to "Chief."  Red plays volleyball, basketball and runs track.  She is quirky and has a dry humor that I have never seen in a kid her age.  Chief plays basketball and baseball.  He runs his mouth literally 24 hours a day!! He thinks in order to breathe, he must talk!  Unfortunately, that gene came from my side of the family.  And me, I am a pediatric speech pathologist by day.  I own a small private practice that allows me to visit the children in their home or daycare.   I love working with the families!  It is an honor to work with them.

So in all of this, you are wondering "What is Lone Star Ginger?"  LSG is a side business that allows me to flex my creative muscle. I love making stuff...especially for others!  LSG has been open since April 2014 on Etsy, facebook and instagram.  I started out with handstamped jewelry and custom shirts.  I hope to add more products before Christmas like leather cuffs and metal cuffs.

My links are on the side so feel free to click on them.  Have a great Monday!!

Hugs y'all,

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