Monday, July 21, 2014

Make up Monday...Yep, I am in Heaven!!

The past few Mondays I have blogged about exercise and getting in shape.  This week I thought I would change it up.  I don't know about ya'll, but after being to the beach and suffering through the Texas heat, my skin gets dry.  I had blogged a month or so ago about making your own sugar scrub.  But let's say, you don't want to make it yourself for whatever reason...  I bought some of the best!!  I had been using a popular "lotion and soap chain store" sugar scrub ever since we got back.  Between the sun and ocean water, my skin was dry so I had been using the sugar scrub religiously (especially after shaving!) I am terrible about putting lotion on after a shower (in that I don't).  I was ok with the popular chain store's scrub until.... cue my favorite local lavender farm!!!

We happened to go out one night to our local lavender farm for an outdoor music concert  Of course, their gift shop was open...which I LOVE!!  It smells so good in there.  We have become friends with the owners so she was showing me around, talking about the new products added to the store.  I listened and nodded, taking the sweet aroma of peacefulness (is that word?)  Then she got to the sugar scrub!!! Oh my smelled like heaven in a jar!!  Not only does it smell good, but it feels good too!!  Even better?  It is made from the lavender on their farm and you can pronounce ALL the ingredients on the jar!!!   You cannot go wrong with local grown lavender and all natural ingredients.  My husband said it had kind of a root beer smell...I don't know about that, but it does smell awesome.  It feels even better going on your skin.  My skin felt so smooth and re hydrated that there was no need for lotion.  I bought a jar twice the size as the popular chain for the same price (actually, I think it was cheaper!).  The link above will take you to their products which also includes lip balm, bug balm and lots of other great products!  If you are looking for great homegrown products that are great for your skin, this is the place to check out!!

Hugs ya'll!

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