Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Texas Tuesday: Family Outing

This past Saturday, we took the kids out for lunch on Greenville Ave.  They had never been before.  If you go during the day, it's still family friendly:)  My little guy has also never been to Trader Joe's (and believe me.  He has made sure to not let me forget it!) so that was our first stop.  I really love sampling all their cookies and snacks.  The cookie butter is to die for!  But I bought several jars the last time I went so we were good.  I buy a package of cookies and dip them in the cookie butter.  It doesn't matter what kind of cookie it is.  It tastes even better dipped in cookie and cream cookie butter!  The hubs likes to check out the different kinds of beer and Red enjoys the selection of potted plants they have.

The Truck Yard opens at 11 so we had an early lunch.  I was hoping for a pizza truck but we were a day late.  We had a Thai food truck, a brunch truck and a "twisted soulfood" truck to choose from.  We chose Nate's 125th Twisted Soulfood.  We were trying to be different and give the kids a new experience.  They both ordered a regular waffle. (BORING!!)  But the hubs and I went a different way.  We ordered Chicken and Waffles with a side order of Zesty mac and cheese.   A full order (with the mac and cheese) fed both of us.  The kids even sampled some of ours.  I will be honest...I never saw myself as a "chicken and waffles" girl but I loved it!!  The waffle is not too heavy like traditional breakfast waffles.  This one almost reminded me of a tortilla.  It was topped with whipped cream and a scoop of cinnamon apple mixture.  The chicken strips were placed on the side.  The kids loved the environment.  It kept little guy busy.  He loved just looking around and checking out all the neat things hanging around.  He picked where we sat...in an old truck bed.

After lunch, we walked to one of my new favorite t-shirt places...BULLZERK.  They specialize in shirts that are just for the north Texas area.  They also sell hats, koozies, cups and kids' shirts.  You can see their "work" area in the back so you know everything is made in house.  I think that is super cool!  My husband owns several shirts from there but I just bought my first one Saturday.  The kids each got one too!  Going to the State Fair?  They have a shirt or two for that.  Most adult shirts are $23 which is not bad for a  super comfy and cool shirt.

The kids are already planning for our next trip down there.  Red and Chief want to try out the Greenville Pizza Company.  So maybe we'll eat there, buy a new shirt and eat at Steel City Pops!
The BIG sign was outside of Bullzerk!!  Of course, I had to!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Hugs y'all!

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