Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wonder Woman Wednesday-Family Cleaning Schedule: REVISED

Around this time last year,  I wrote about a family cleaning schedule.  Not many moms enjoy spending every weekend cleaning...even though there are some who enjoy cleaning.   With our busy schedules, our house may not get dusted for over a month...GROSS, I know!  We have a dog and live in the country, so the house gets vacuumed regularly-like everyday!  But other cleaning tasks seem to fall through the cracks.  The cleaning schedule I made up last year seemed to work great during the summer.  When the kids started school, it was a little harder to manage.  But I think this new one we can manage.  It's easier to keep track of the tasks to do every afternoon.  Monday through Friday, it's the same tasks.  There's no more guessing what needs to be done.  The only daily task not on  the schedule is homework.  The kids know that homework is a given.  But sometimes, they like to skip out on chores.   Funny how kids can remember to ask if a friend can come over, but they forget to vacuum their room!  We had a rule at our house several years ago that at 8pm every night, you had 5 minutes to pick up.   My hubby even had an alarm on his phone.  When it went off, watch the kids run!   Whatever was on the kids' floors after that time was donated or trashed.  We got away from it when we moved 3 years ago.  The rule just got reinstated this past weekend!!  No more Legos on the floor for mom to step on in the mornings.  No more dirty clothes on the floor.  No more mess!!

We do have to clean on Saturday mornings...or Friday nights!  I plan on picking one Saturday a month to complete the one room deep cleaning.  That means furniture gets moved around to be cleaned under, air vents and fan blades are dusted, baseboards get a wipe down.  Some rooms in our house have wood paneling so they get dusted as well.   That one room gets my focus for the entire day if needed.  Any craft projects or major redecorating for that room can happen that month too.  It keeps me from getting overwhelmed with projects to complete!  I can go back to my Pinterest boards, search for the projects I wanted to do for the living room and complete the one or two that I really want to do!

I am hoping this will help keep our house tidy in case of any unexpected guests during the week.    Plus it will cut down on the work load on the weekends.

Happy Cleaning Friends!
Hugs y'all!

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