Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wonder Woman Wednesday- Book of the Month

July was a busy month and I just did not get a chance to pick a good read.  June was a great book about Willie Nelson.  For August, I wanted something a little different than what I usually read. Supergirls Speak Out is just that book!! Being a small business owner, I have the constant need to make my practice bigger.  Constantly wanting to achieve more.  Then you throw in the mom and wife roles...are my kids dressed cute enough?  Is dinner homemade (and EDIBLE)?  Do you I need to make back to school gifts for all my kids' teachers?  (I've written before about "Pinterest Pressure?")

This book is kind of perfect!  It follows that perfect girl that we wish to be so much like.  Women talk about the pros of being an overachiever.  But they also point out the cons...things like exhaustion, anxiety, eating disorders, etc.  I am really excited to read this book.  Hoping it will give me some peace when I feel like I am not living up unrealistic expectations.  I am recommending any business owner, mom, wife or woman read this book.

Look for the review of this book in early September.

Hugs y'all!

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