Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Texas Tuesday-Mt. Vernon: Small Town Fun

To be honest, Mt. Vernon, Texas was never on my radar to write about.  Never even thought about it.  It was just another small town off of Interstate 30 that we pass on the way to Arkansas.  Just another small town that we drive to so that my daughter can play 2 or 3 basketball games and then come home.  But a couple of weeks ago, she had a 3 day tournament there.  Her team had 3 games spanning a 9 hour period one day.  So we really had no choice but to get out of the gym and explore the small town.  Man, it's pretty cute!  We had lunch as well as walked around the town square.  The square is adorable.  In the middle of downtown sits a square shaped park that is covered with trees.  At the time, the crepe myrtles were blooming big time!  (Blooming crepe myrtles means it's HOT in Texas!)

We ate lunch at a place across the street from the park called "Our Place."  It's only open for a few hours around lunchtime.  Service was incredibly nice and the food was awesome!  I had a chicken salad sandwich and it was delicious.  I don't usually order sandwiches for lunch but I was so glad I did.  They definitely weren't stingy with the chicken salad!

We came in the back door of the restaurant.  The back door faces the front of Franklin County Historical Association.  Of course that caught Chief's eye!!  He loves museums. 

 As we talked to our very friendly waitress, we found out the museum was closing at 2pm.  Upon hearing Chief's disappointment, the waitress worked her magic to get the museum to open for us.  We got our own personal tour of the museum which included a collection of Don Meredith memorabilia  as well as a rare bird egg collection...222 bird eggs to be exact.  3 of those eggs are from birds that have been extinct for over 100 years reportedly!  The entire room is climate controlled.  I didn't get a picture of the collection.  Mainly because I was so mesmerized by the shear number of eggs and information all in one small room!  Reportedly, a "big national museum from DC" wanted the collection.  But the little town fought back and the collection stayed right there. 

After exploring the small museum for over an hour, we walked around downtown.  

                                                        Franklin County Courthouse

So next time you're around the northeast Texas area, stop in Mt Vernon for some lunch and a little history!

Hugs y'all,

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