Monday, July 20, 2015

Mom Monday- Sports Mom First Aid Kit

With football, soccer, volleyball, and cheerleading starting up, I thought now was an appropriate time for this post.  Evens though, baseball and softball are still in full swing in most areas (pun intended),  it's still basketball season in our house.  Needless to say, sports moms are extremely busy right now.  We make sure we have on our cutest team shirt with matching hat and flip flops (and probably a custom team color necklace).  We usually check the snack bag inventory, the ice chest inventory and our purses to make sure we have everything.  Was it my week to bring snack?  Do I have enough Gatorade?  The kids' bags are loaded as well as all the other equipment needed.  But what about the first aid kit?  What if little Johnny jams a finger while making a game winning tackle?  What if the opposing team's point guard has (literally) nine inch nails that make Ally look like she hung out with Edward Scissorhands?  Minor accidents that could all be patched up with the small first aid kit you carry around in your purse.  I carry mine in my backpack along with my score book, pencils and a couple of magazines to read during down time. 
We have only been playing basketball but I did add sunscreen to this picture for any of you not sitting in an air conditioned gym this summer.  I added both types-the spray and the "chap stick" type that is good for the face.  The things missing from this kit are pre-wrap (for the athletic tape) and my GINORMOUS bottle of ibuprofen.  My kit includes Band-Aids of all sizes and non-stick pads.  Cuts, blisters and random scratches...they can all get covered.  I also have antiseptic spray and a Neosporin type ointment to make sure any cuts or scratches do not get infected.  There's also tape for any jammed fingers or to help secure a Band-Aid to weird spot like the back of the ankle. Tape can be difficult to cut so I also made sure to pack scissors.  One weekend, a girl had chapped lips so I made sure to get a couple of tubes of chap stick as well.  I will be adding some plastic sandwich bags so ice packs can be made if needed.  My daughter started dealing with shin splints so she needs to ice after each game.  Ponytail holders are also a great addition.  I have some but I don't keep them in the first aid kit.  They are in my game day backpack.  My daughter carries a few things in her bag like her contact solution and case as well as her glasses.
I am sure there are things that I am missing but this pack has worked for us all season.  There are weekends that I never have to open it and other weekends we do.  The good thing is that it is always with me so that I can help our girls stay healthy and ready to play.

Hugs y'all!

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