Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites!!

Today's post was hard to narrow down favorites.  I have a few recent new favorites.  Some are this week's post and I saved for next week.  We all have our favorite bags, shoes, accessories, etc.    My favorite bag did not come into my life until 2 weeks ago.  I was not a Vera Bradley fan...I know, GASP!!  There was nothing that appealed to me...not the style, the fabric, the pattern on the fabric...NOTHING!  My mom had a few.  My sister had a few.  I had none.  Then we went to New York at the beginning of June.  We stopped at this adorable little boutique in Palmyira (I hope I spelled that right) called McKenzie's.    She was running a 50% off sale on most of her Vera Bradley stuff.  Not sure if it was the tourist in me or if it actually grew on me but, I bought a cross body purse.  I love it!!  Fast forward one month to my birthday.  My mom and sister take me to the Vera Bradley store in Southlake, Texas to pick out something as my present.  That is where I saw the most beautiful green backpack I think I have ever seen!  My favorite color might be red but I am really partial to a vibrant green too!  Of course, I went to the website so that I could post a link, and can't find it anywhere!!!  I got the Tech backpack since I really wanted a cute computer bag that could hold my laptop plus a few files or manuals.  There is so much room in this thing!!  I have been taking it with me on Saturdays to basketball games.  It can hold my laptop, several magazines, a book, a first aid kit and a pencil room to spare. That's just inside the big part too!  The smaller front zipper pocket is great for storing koozies!
My second favorite are these adorable suede Vans from J.Crew.  I am not usually a Vans girl.  I am true to my Converse.  But these caught my eye in the store.  Then it was meant to be when they had my size!!!  I knew they belonged in my closet when I checked out and they were $25!!!  The link above will take you to them and they are priced online for $49.99.  The jade color can go with so many colors...denim, navy, black, leopard, and whatever else I can find in my closet to go with them!!  I might have to create a special post soon with outfits featuring them. (But seriously, I might have to!)

My last favorite for the day are these earrings.  I love things that can serve double duty.  A tea pitcher becomes a vase.  A tablecloth or sheet can be a curtain.  But reversible earrings?!  How awesome is that?  I prefer to wear small earrings.  But I also like to have a little flair.  These are perfect.  I even wore them to my daughter's basketball games and they weren't too flashy.  So cute and simple.  They come from a local boutique that has some of the cutest stuff. (Side note:  I am also currently in love with this color nail polish-Strawberry Margarita!)

The weekend is finally here!!  Time to go shopping!:)

Hugs y'all!!

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