Friday, April 10, 2015

Bluebonnets or Sanity? A Texas Mom's Struggle


I am curious if moms in other states face the same challenge we Texas moms do.  Do Iowa moms pull over on the side of the road and try to capture a near perfect shot of completely non compliant kids in a field of whatever their state flower is?  Do Maryland moms watch the weather closely so that she can plan a day/afternoon for a perfect photo shoot?  No? Just us?  Texas moms might be a rare breed but I am proud to be one.  A childhood in Texas is not complete if you've never sat for a picture in bluebonnets.  You didn't really live until your mom found the most perfect spot for you to sit...which is also where the largest colony of FIRE ANTS in Texas reside!  Man, the Texas mom struggle is REAL!

I am taking my kids soon to do a few pictures in that beautiful blue flowers.  I got a few tips from photographer friends that I figured I would share.

1.  Watch out for critters.  Check your chosen spot for ants and snakes.  

2.  Pick the right time.  Make sure it's not during naptime, snack time or any other time you could have unhappy subjects.  For optimal photos, take your photos early in the morning, late evening or in the shade.  Avoid direct sunlight.

3.  Choose a safe spot.  This should go without saying.  But how many times have you driven by a family clicking away on the side of a major road?

4.  Check your background.  Once you find the perfect patch, check to see what would behind the kids.  Nothing like having a sign or a neighborhood in your background.

5.  Wear solid clothing.  Loud prints tend to take away from nature's beauty.

6.  Get on their level.  You've got the perfect seated pose from your group but you're standing up?  Get yourself down too.

7.  Let them be kids!  Kids aren't meant to sit.  So don't make them.  Sure, pose them and get your shots.  But also catch them in action.  Smelling flowers, catching ladybugs, running...capture it!!!  

This was last year's picture.  Not too shabby...

Ok moms, hopefully these tips will make this annual spring event a little less painful for all of you.

Hugs y'all!

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