Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wonder Woman Wednesday- Kitchen Challenge...the last leg!


I am combining two weeks into one post today!  Last week, with my kids on spring break, I didn't get as much as I should have done.  Surprise, surprise!!  If you remember, last week's challenge was supposed to be organizing the pantry.  Here's a few tips for tackling that area!

1.  Clean out!  Get rid of expired foods.  If you stocked up on canned veggies 6 months to 1 year ago in the hopes of healthier eating, donate some or all of it! Be honest with yourself about what you actually need in there.  

2.  Take note of your space!  If you have a shoebox size pantry, obviously you can't buy EVERYTHING in bulk.  Some people use their basements for storing bulk.  In Texas, we don't have basements.  So unless you have a larger extra space, keep the size of your pantry in mind.  Crammed pantries don't stay tidy for long!

3.  Categorize!!!  Group cans together, keeping each type together.  For example, I buy Rotel in bulk.  All my canned foods can go on one shelf but, the Rotel stays together on that shelf.  That way I know when I am out (which rarely happens!) by just glancing in the pantry.  

4.  Use baskets, bins, jars!  Keep them cheap though.  I love dollar store containers.  Make sure your containers fit on the shelves.  Nothing worse than buying great baskets that don't fit!!!  Keep your pasta in one, oatmeal in another, bags of rice,etc.  Make sure to label everything!!

Now that your pantry is tidy, let's get to cleaning!  Everyone has their preference on cleaning supplies.  I like to pull everything off my counters in sections to throughly clean the counters.  I bleach my sink and let my self-cleaning oven do it's thing.  Whatever your method is, get to it!  Then stand back and enjoy the smell of a clean kitchen!  Don't forget to mop the floor!
                      That's my clean kitchen!  Hoping it lasts through the week!

Hugs y'all,


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