Monday, March 23, 2015

Make up Monday- March Birchbox

I am pretty new to the "Birchbox" thing.  My sister and mom have had their subscription for a while.  I had an Ipsy subscription but wasn't happy with it.  This month was my 2nd box and so far, so good.  For those of you unfamiliar with Birchbox, it's a monthly subscription that sends you 5 trial size beauty products.  If you like a product, you can go to Birchbox's website to order full size products.    I received a moisturizer, shampoo, lip gloss, eye cream, and a blow out spray.  The only product I have not tried out is the blow out spray.  Texas has resembled Seattle lately, and curly hair girls know better than to straighten their hair on days like that!

Bee Kind Shampoo:  full size retails for $15 which is not bad for a good shampoo.  It is made with honey extract that moisturizes even the driest hair.  Usually my hair doesn't feel soft until after I condition it.  As I washed out the shampoo, I immediately felt a difference...a good difference!  I am definitely going to buy the full size!  

Key West Aloe:  Full size retails for $18, reasonable for a good lotion.  It's a body moisturizer that is made from plant oils and 30% aloe.  I love lotions.  They are stashed my vehicle, my bathroom, office, purse, beside the bed, etc.  My problem with most lotions is they leave you feeling a little greasy.  I feel like I have lotion on.  Key West Aloe doesn't feel that way.  The scent is subtle but clean smelling.  It soaks in and you forget you are wearing lotion.  This will be another purchase!

Mirenesse: Full size retails for $22 so again, not too bad.  This sample came with directions to use this lip crayon as lip color and cheek color.  I have only used it on my lips.  It is basically a lip stick and Chapstick in one tube!!!  I usually apply Chapstick and then my lipstick.  This is all one step!  It's hydrating as well as applying a little color.  

Amika: Full size bottle retails for $24.  It's a lightweight blow out spray that volumizes, smooths and protects.  I will give it a try when I have time to straighten this hot mess of hair.  

Supergoop! Eye Cream:  Full size retails for $45.  So here's the deal; at 34 (and 3/4) years old, I am in complete and utter denial about getting older.  When I look in the mirror, I still think my skin is the same...but it's not!  Nothing like a Throwback Thursday to make you realize that!  This anti aging cream has an SPF of 37.  It reduces dark circles, blocks UV Rays and minimizes fine lines.  I am trying it out now.  It took longer than a week to get the lines, so it will take longer than a week to minimize them.  Jury is still out on this product.  

Hope Monday is treating you well!
Hugs y'all!

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