Wednesday, March 11, 2015

To Do Tuesday- Dollar Tree St. Patty's Wreath

Anyone else like being creative?  Anyone else feel that wreaths are terribly overpriced?  Ever see a wreath and think, "I could do that with my eyes closed!"?  Well, you are in luck my friends!!  Today's tutorial takes a dollar store foam wreath, 2 feather boas, and 1/2 a package of glittery shamrocks.  For a whopping total of $4, you can make this wreath.  So here it goes!
Take one of the feather boas and hot glue one end of it the wreath form.  As you wrap it, add a dot of glue every so often.  This will make sure the boa stays where you want it.  Once it's completely wrap ( should cover half of your wreath), glue the end down.  You will wrap your second one just like the first.  I overlap just a bit to make sure there is complete coverage. 
Easy so far right?  Now, take your package of glittery foam shamrocks and hot glue wherever your heart desires!!!  I left room on my mine for a piece of ribbon.
Drum roll please... Here is the finished product!!!

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