Monday, March 9, 2015

Make up Monday- "Anti-Pinch" Polish


I have a confession.  I really like green.  It looks really good on redheads.  It symbolizes spring and new beginnings.  Green comes in many great shades so it's hard to pick just one.  Green nails are the easiest way to keep the pinchers away next week!!  That's why I picked a few different shades of green nail polish for this Monday's beauty post.  


1.  "Rise & Shine" by Sinful Colors ($1.99):  This one is great.  It's a bright Kelly green that really pops when paired with a lighter color like mint.  The Sinful Colors line is cheap and found at most drugstores.  

2.  "Emerald Cut" by Hard Candy ($4.00):  A little pricier but I still found it at Walmart.  It's a beautiful shade of emerald green.  Some "emerald green" polishes look black but not this one.  It has just enough sparkle but not overbearing.  Plus the Hard Candy label brought back memories of my late teens.  Remember when it came with a little ring?!

3.  "Shop Mintage" by Nicole by OPI ($5.97):  This one is our most expensive on the list.  I needed a cute mint for spring.  This one definitely fit that "need."  It has more green than blue.  Some mint colors have too much blue for me.  I love this one paired with a dark green like emerald.

4.  "Lucky Charming" by Pure Ice ($1.97):  Another great cheapy!  I would describe this one as a glittery sour apple color.  Super cute but requires a few coats to get a solid coverage. 

I hope you find the perfect shade before March 17th!!!

Hugs y'all,

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