Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thirsty Thursday- Frederickburg Brewing Company

                                        Fredericksburg Brewing Company

Let me be honest; I am not a beer drinker.  My hubs makes up for me not drinking though.  I prefer wine.  That being said, I do like the atmosphere and history of breweries.   I like the breweries that are also resturants.  Probably because I like food way more than I like beer.  This blog post came about when I started wondering how many beers are made in Texas and the history behind them.  My family is big on knowing the history behind things.  (Yes, we might be a little nerdy but we make for fabulous conversation!) Once I started researching, I found that Fredericksburg  Brewing Company was one of the top ones in Texas.  They are the oldest brewpub in Texas and have been voted the best brewpub in Texas TWICE!  It's located in downtown Fredericksburg  in a 1890's 2 story building.  The bottom floor houses the dining area, their large air-conditioned Biergarten and a lager room.  The top floor has "Bed and Brew" rooms-12 rooms with baths.
Wondering what a "brewpub" is?  Simple!  It's a small brewery that also sells food!  They brew their own beer to sell as well as other beers.
I have been to the Fredericksburg Brewing Company and it is fabulous. It was crazy crowded when we went so I took that as a sign of good food.  
 Super cool for many reasons...
1.  Flags hang everywhere so my kiddos enjoyed learning different countries' flags.  (Educational opportunity, hello?!)
2.  The brewing equipment is visible behind the bar.  It's a work of art.  Gorgeous copper and stainless tanks shine brightly in the sunlight.  
3.  It sits in downtown Fredericksburg !!  It's a beautiful little historic German town.  Nothing more needs to be said other than location, location, location.
4.  It's surrounded by cute little shops that have great and unique items.  Have lunch there, make sure the hubs has a couple of trip just got better.  Hubs might be less likely to notice how much stuff you're buying.  (Completely hypothetical scenario!  But it did work!)
5.  The food is fantabulous!  I ordered an appetizer (Brewer's Nachos).  It was early August and I had just climbed to the top of Enchanted Rock with family.  Needless to say, I wasn't very hungry.  More thirsty than anything!  The waiter could have warned me.  We are talking MOUNTAINS of chips, beans, ground beef, cheese and who knows what else!  The hubs and Red ordered regular lunch plates (of something I don't remember) and Chief ordered chicken tenders. Is it just my kid that orders that everywhere we go?!  
6.  The last reason I have is the best... It just a few doors down from a fudge shop!!!!!!!

So next time you're in Fredericksburg, go check this place.  Enjoy!

Hugs y'all!
Melissa-The Lone Star Ginger

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