Friday, March 6, 2015

Fun Friday- Spring Break Fun


Snow's on the ground here but spring break is just around the corner.  Kids will be out for a week.  Most are sure to utter the words "I'm bored" by Tuesday afternoon.  Video games and TV can only keep them entertained for so long.  I don't know about you but, I am not too crazy about my kids playing video games all day.  I also know my son is not someone who is known for his cleaning and organizing skills.  He's 8 and a pack rat!  No mom I know wants to spend all week cleaning and organizing with her kids home.  I've come up with a few ideas to keep your little ones busy during their spring break.

1.  Petting zoos: Perfect for getting kiddos out of the house.  Educational and fun is a great mix.  Last spring break we took our kids to the East Texas Gator Farm.  Obviously, not all of it is a petting zoo.  They have lizards and snakes inside that the visitors can handle.  There was even a young alligator people could hold.  

2.  Movies:  I know they are pricey by the time you buy tickets and food.  But you could have same experience at home.  Buy movie theater candy and popcorn at the dollar store, shut the curtains & kick back on the couch.  Boom!  Instant movie experience.  My kids love to do that.  If you are feeling retro, check a drive-in movie theater.  

3.  Board Game Day:  Pull those old games that are collecting dust.  Have each child pick their favorite game.  Everyone gets to choose a game which cuts down on the arguing.  Or teach your kids how to play game.  Maybe your little one have never played memory or go fish.  Maybe the big kids have never played Monopoly or Scrabble.  

4.  Themed Days: Give each day a theme.  For example, have an ocean day.  Have fish sticks for lunch or goldfish crackers for a snack.  Read a book about ocean animals.  Make an ocean craft.  Another fun idea is make your theme a book like "Brown Bear, Brown Bear."  Eat bear shaped cookies for snack; make a craft.  Talk about where each of the animal might live.  For older kids, use countries as your theme.  If you chose Italy, eat Italian food for lunch/dinner.  Learn some simple words or saying in Italian.  Have your kids do a mini research project and find one fun fact about the country so they can teach the family over dinner.

5.  Parks, libraries or museums:  Some are free; some are not.  But it gets the kids out of the house!

Most importantly, make memories with your little ones.  They won't be little for long!

Hugs y'all,
Melissa- The Lone Star Ginger

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