Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wonder Woman Wednesday- Get Your Pots Together!

Let's say you are the woman that has her kitchen all together.  In less than 5 seconds, you can pull out your medium saucepan with matching lid.  You're so organized your husband can easily navigate through the kitchen when you're not home.  You can find your big pasta pot without emptying the entire cabinet onto the floor.  Sound like you?  Then go away!  This post is not for you!  Just can stick around as long as you don't comment about how perfect your kitchen is.😉

When we moved into my childhood home, I knew space would not be an issue.  My kitchen is ginormous!  Cabinet space is amazeballs!  But I still needed to organize my pots and pans.  Growing up, my mom had a deep cabinet (with a sliding shelf) and a tall cabinet next to the pantry that stored her pots and pans.  You had to look in both spots when looking for a pot.  I decided I was only using the deep cabinet for our pots and pans.  I went to a home improvement store to buy those racks you stack your skillets in.  I mean, they worked great in that perfect Pinterest kitchen I saw!  After they sat on the counter for a year (slightly longer), I decided to use them.    Lesson 1: when you buy those things, make sure they will fit in your cabinets.   So they continue to sit on the counter... 
 Plan B only cost $1!  I cleaned out the cabinet and gathered all the lids.  My skillets and saucepans sit stacked neatly on the sliding shelf.  On the bottom sits my big pasta pot, 2 Dutch ovens and a new red bin that holds my lids!  It was that simple!!  Buy a red bin from Dollar Tree... Problem solved.

After I finished I sat there thinking, "Why did I pin 5 thousand ways to organize this cabinet?"  I didn't use any of them!  
So here's the motivation you need to get organized!  We are starting small-just pots and pans.  You could do it in a Friday night or Saturday morning.  Each week in March, I will challenge you to one spot in your kitchen to get organized.  A sliding shelf and a dollar store bin might not be enough to solve your chaos, so work with the desired space and make it work for you!
Next week, we tackle the fridge!!!


Happy Organizing friends! 
Hugs y'all,
Melissa @The Lone Star Ginger

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