Friday, February 27, 2015

Change "March"es In!

I have been on a hiatus for several months now.  I'd love to call it a "sabbatical" but that implies I did deep thinking on a break...let's face it, very little deep thinking happens over here.  But I did decide to make some changes and TRY to simplify my life.  Keyword is "TRY."  I started organizing/cleaning/de cluttering my house, practicing better time management during my day job, simplifying our daily routines (😁)...and solving world hunger.  Which one of those is really true?!  I did make the choice to close my Etsy shop (so if you click that link up there, it shouldn't work).  But I have time to blog and I really enjoy blogging.  I am working on a new blog format but I am very indecisive at the moment.  So one day, you will click to read my blog and it may look totally different...SURPRISE, I made a decision!!!!
If you haven't read the blog in awhile (or ever!), all you need to know is I am fabulous!!!  Just kidding😂. I am red headed Texan who loves her state and anything southern!  I am wife to one, mama to 2, speech therapist to multiple, and owner of [now] 1 business.  Most of my blog posts are written while sitting at Starbucks or in the stands at a basketball game.  I write pretty much the same way I talk because I think it makes me more relatable.  Don't tell my college English professors!!!  If you want to know anymore about me, check out the newly revised "About Me" page.   I plan for this blog to still cover all your favorites like beauty/fitness, food, and Texas and add a few new topics like DIY, home decor/organization and kids/family!!!  
Bottom line: I hope you enjoy the blog!!  I hope you find something useful or funny.  Go like my Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date.  Or to stay really on top of things, subscribe!!!!!!

Hugs y'all, 

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