Monday, March 2, 2015

Mama Monday- Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Everyone loves a good birthday party!  Why not throw one of the most loved authors a birthday shindig?!  I absolutely love Dr. Seuss!  Since I work with kids, I tend to know more about children's literature than I do about adult literature.  Plus, I love the messages kids' books deliver and the artwork!  Yes, apparently I'm the grown up who "reads" books for the pictures.
I worked to gather my most favorite ideas to go with Seuss books.  His books lend themselves to soooooo many fun activities!!!  Some are just for fun while some take an advantage of a learning opportunity!!

"Cat in the Hat"
This book is great for a word family activity!  Cut out a hat shape from white construction paper.  Cut a few red strips to make the red stripes.  On each stripe, have the kiddo write a word that ends with "-at" such as bat, mat, rat, sat, etc.
For older kids, cut out the hat shape and red stripes just like in the first activity.  On each stripe, have your child write a word that describes the cat such as tricky, pesky, messy,etc.  The pictured hat below has words that all begin with "s."

"One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"
Snack time anyone?  Break out the colored goldfish crackers or gummy fish!!  Your child can sort the fish by color.  Once they are sorted, work on counting!!  Count how many are in each group.  Older kids can work on adding and subtracting.  Add groups together.  Talk about which color has more or less.

"My Many Colored Days"
This is a great one for feelings and moods!!!  After reading it, have your child talk about what makes them happy, sad, mad, excited, etc.  Ask them how they are feeling right now and what color goes with that feeling.  Then give them paint, crayons or markers in that color with a large piece of blank paper.  They can draw, finger paint or whatever their little heart desires!

"Green Eggs and Ham"
Seriously, isn't this everyone's favorite?  You can make green eggs for breakfast.  But I don't like eggs so I came up with fun things.  Make a matching game!  Cut out egg whites and green yolks like below. 

Write addition facts (or other math facts)on the egg whites and the answer on the yolk.  Or write opposites on each piece ("big" on the egg white and "little" on the yolk).  The possibilities are endless!!

So have fun with the kids today!  Make it wacky and whimsical just like Dr. Seuss!

Hugs y'all!

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