Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wonder Woman Wednesday-Countdown to 2015!

Happy New Year's Eve!!!  Can you believe how fast the year has went by?  It seems like just yesterday I was planning our NYE 2013...slighly depressing isn't it? The good thing is if 2014 wasn't your year, then 2015 has to be!!!!

Do you have any plans yet for the big night?  I am simple when it comes to ending a year.  I prefer to be home (in my pjs), hanging out with the kids and hubs, and maybe watching a little college footlball or  a movie.  Last year, I came up with activities for us to do every hour.  I had a white paper sack for each hour with things needed for the activity.  Some were big ones like making homemade pretzels (prep work was done earlier in the day), some were small like wearing mustaches or glow necklaces for the hour to take silly pictures.  We ended the night at midnight with a toast. The kids had sparkling cider in their wine glasses.  They thought that was fun. The  pictures we took at each hour I made into a short video using an app on my phone.  This year I plan to do the same but I am working on different activities.

Here's a sample of what our night looked like  1 year ago today:

To keep it low key and simple, keep these tips in mind:
1. Include things you will already be doing.  For example, make 7pm a sit down family dinner and talk about your year as a family.

2.  If you do crafts, keep them simple.  I bought 2 of those peel and stick penguin foam craft packets in the dollar bin at Target last year.

3.  Do things your family will enjoy.  Little man got new board games this year for Christmas so we are having a game time at some point in our evening.  The kids like to help me in the kitchen decorate cookies so that is another activity for us.   Plus we will need dessert after the homemade chili that is on the menu!

4.  Don't make it stressful.  I sat our sacks on the bar so we could see them.  The time was marked on each one.  Set an alarm on your phone if you are afraid you will forget.  Don't worry, the kids did not forget!

Lots of people think that just because you stay home on NYE that it has to be boring.  You could a similar countdown even if it is all adults!  Gear your activities toward who will be with you that night.  Most importantly, be safe if you do leave the house.  Wishing everyone a great nght and an even better 2015!!!!


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