Tuesday, November 11, 2014

To Do Tuesday-Fall Bucket List

Welcome to another new feature called "To Do Tuesday."  I thought every so often I would bring you some FUN "to do" lists!  We get so bogged down with the not so fun stuff of holidays that we often forget to do the fun stuff!

Today I am bringing you a Fall Bucket List.  When I made plans to write this blog back in late October, we had temps in the low 80's.  But today our temps dipped 40 degrees and it feels more like winter.  Oh well, that's Texas for you!  Since it is technically not winter yet, I will carry on with my fall list of fun things to do!  We just might need to bundle up a bit more.

After Halloween, it feels like everyone goes into Christmas overdrive.  Stores have the Christmas decor up and pushing their black Friday sales already!!  But what about the rest of fall?  What about Thanksgiving? This is the time of year to really enjoy the things around you...little things around you.  Leaves changing color, cooler temps that allow for a night around the fire pit, and "awesomely" ( yes I may have made that word up) cozy sweaters are just a few of those things.  The list I made contains things you could do AFTER Halloween has passed.  It will help pass the time for those that go into Christmas mode on November 1st.  Sorry it is not in a cute download but you could easily type this up or write it out on a chalkboard!

2.  Make a pumpkin dessert-pie, fudge, french toast, bread, etc.
3.  Buy (or make) a new cozy sweater.  If you can knit, more power to you!!
4.  Go on a leaf hunt with the kids.  Bring the leaves you find home and make a craft.  Talk about the different shapes, what trees they came from and the colors.
5.  Pick pecans!!! Then make a yummy dessert!
6.  Go on a hayride.
7.  Builld a fire outside-either a bonfire or in your small fire pit.  Then roast marshmellows for s'mores!
8. TAILGATE!!  Hello, this is prime football weather!!
9.  Clean out toys, clothes, etc now and donate to a shelter.
10.  Make a grateful jar.  Each day add something you are grateful for.  (Tomorrow's blog will have ours.)

Our family has already checked off a few of these.  Last  Friday, the kiddos spent the afternoon at Nana's picking AND cracking pecans.  I might try to steal some before my mom uses them all!

I was hoping to make this list family oriented and kid friendly for the most part.  We get so busy (and I use that term loosely because we are not that "busy" to spend time with family) and don't appreciate the little things in life.  This list is meant to slow you down and make you appreciate little things.

Happy Fall Y'all!

Hugs y'all,

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