Monday, November 10, 2014

Make It Monday-Well, Hello Fall!!

Welcome to the very first Make It Monday on the blog!!  At least one Monday a month, I plan on bringing a completely easy and fun DIY project.

Today I wanted to share my DIY fall wreath. I sadly had to take down my Halloween wreath November 1st.  My door just looked plain and that just can't happen.  Unacceptable!  I "shopped" my house first to find "wreath making materials."  I found an empty 8x10 frame in my daughter's room (she wasn't using it!).  It was pink so I got out my handy dandy gold spray paint.  Our  french doors are painted "heartthrob red" so the gold complimented nicely.  I found some small pumpkins at the dollar store (which was one buy 1 get one 50%-after Halloween sale score!).  I got 3 but only used 2 for the wreath.  One came in a metallic  orange color which was not bad.  The other was a metallic lime green...not the look I was going for...yes, it got gold spray paint too!  Hobby Lobby had their "fall decor" 50% off (or maybe 40%, I don't remember) and I NEEDED a vine of leaves to go around my frame.  Once all I got all the goodies home, I glued them to my frame.  It looked cute but it was missing something.  Then it hit me...MONOGRAM!! I added a cute little "W" (painted in red) to the bottom corner of the wreath.  I used some orange glittery ribbon I had bought on sale to make the hanger.  I LOVE IT!!!  I am not sure why I have never used a frame before...but I may never go back to a round wreath again!!  For less than $10, I have a wreath that is personalized and adorable!!  It accents my door beautifully.  I did not take any "before" pictures but here is my "after" picture that I took this morning before walking out the door.


There you have it!  An easy wreath that can go up in September with your fall decorations and come down in November after Thanksgiving!

Happy Crafting!!

Hugs y'all,

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