Friday, November 7, 2014

Fashion Friday-How to Wear Orange

OWith each season brings a set of colors that are associated with it.  I am not sure if we internally are inspired by certain colors each season or if the fashion magazines "implant" their thoughts into us overnight. I liike to think I resist "the powers that be" and wear what I want.  I also believe that each of us can "pull off" any color...we just need to find the right shade.  It's all about the shade you choose, how you wear it, what you accessorize with and MODERATION!

I like to wear or accessorize with orange during the fall months.  But how do you wear it WITHOUT looking like a pumpkin? I have come up with five different ways to wear this bright color without looking like you celebrate Halloween past October 31st.
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1.  Pair with a neutral: I found an adorable sweater dress on clearance at Old Navy late last fall. I llike sweater dresses in the colder months because you throw on a pair of leggings and boots and BOOM!!  Looks like you spent all day getting "beautified".  Orange is a bold color, pairing it with a neutral "calms" down the color.  I like to pair orange with brown (especially after Halloween).  You can use dark browns, camel,  and even ivory. It also looks great with grey.  Don't forget navy and other blues!!  Blue is a great complimentary colors.  Navy can act as a neutral too!!


2.  Denim and Orange are friends:  This is my new favorite look!  I have a denim shirt that I love!!  I found it at a J.Crew Outlet for more than 50% off!!  Again, throw on leggings, boots and this shirt with hints of orange for that cute, comfy, fall look.  Have a great orange sweater?  Layer it with the denim shrt!  Have a cute orange necklace that you are always unsure of?  Perfect outfit for it!  Scarrves, earrings, bracelets... the options are endless!  With the neutral background of the denim and brown leggings, I stay with the rule of 2-3 accessories or 1 big piece (like a sweater).

3.  LEOPARD!!: Hello, my name is Melissa and I have a leopard print problem.  I love to wear leopard with just about anything!!  I especially love it with a great fall orange!  It's unexpected.  Leopard is usually paired with hot pink, red, black or white. The orange gives a pop just as it does to the neutrals. Didn't you know that leopard is a neutral?!  I have a great orange sweater ( Old Navy find a couple of years ago) that I absolutely love!! I put it on with jeans and my leopard print boots.  If you have a great leopard scarf, that's perfect.  With the orange, I usually keep my leopard to small piece like a scarf or shoes.

4.   Accessories:  This might be the second easiest way to wear orange. Maybe you are still on the fence about our citrus colored friend.  Accessories are an easy to build up your courage.  Earrings, bracelets, scarves, necklaces, shoes and purses are all simple ways to get your foot in the door...the orange door than is.

5.  Nail Polish:  This is the EASIEST!!  Especially if you are indecisive, hestitant or have commitment issues.  You can play with all different shades at once if you like. I prefer the darker oranges and not the neon hues for fall. If you are one of those people that has to have an accent nail (that means not all of your nails are the same color), have fun exploring different color combos that way!!  You can do orange with dark purple, brown, tan, navy, aqua, gold, blue...I think I have even used a cranberry color with it.  It was like having cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie on my nails!  

I painted my nails last night using SInful Colors'  Courtney Orange and Dark Bronze.

If you have been loosing sleep on how to pair your new orange sweater, hope this helps!  Orange is fun so play with it and see what combos you come up with.  Then come back and tell me!!  I am always looking for new ways to wear my old stuff!

Hugs y'all!

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  1. Great post! Love your ideas! Thank you so much for sharing with us at On Display Thursday!

    - Shelly @ The Domestic Heart

  2. Thank you! New to this blogging world! Can't wait to party again this week.