Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wonder Woman Wednesday- Boo Your Kids!!

 I have seen all the ideas about "booing" your neighbors on Pinterest.  You know, when you leave a goody bag on your neighbor's doorstep with a sign that says "You've been Booed!"  Well, what do you do when you live in the country and have no neighbors?  You boo your kids!!!  This was soooo much fun and the kids loved it!  Here's how to BOO your kids:

1.  Buy fun size candy bars and other pre-packaged candy.  I bought other little prizes too like bracelets, plastic spiders, glow in the dark bats.etc.

2.  When the kids have fallen asleep (I mean a GOOD sleep), tape the candy and prizes to their door.  My kids slept with their doors closed at our old house so it was easy.  At our new house, their doors are open so I need to get creative this year!  I also typed a sign to tape to their doors.  Be as quiet as possible when doing this.  You don't want them waking up!

It's that simple!  Now wait for morning time and their reactions!  You  could also do this while they are at school too.  My son is quite the dramatic one so it's really fun to see how he reacts.  Red is the quiet and reserved one so her reaction is more like "Oh yea mom.  That's cool." (in her most dry, sarcastic tone).  You still have plenty of time to get your candy and prizes together!!

Happy Booing!

Hugs y'all!

PS...I linked to my FIRST blog link party today!!  Go check out some blogs over at The Turquoise Home's Work it Wednesday Link Party!

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