Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 Tips Tuesday- 10 Quick Halloween Decorations

It's 3 days before Halloween and you have no decorations up?!  I am afraid I don't understand where you are coming from since mine have been up since the end of September.  Each week I added more stuff (mostly from the great store of everything is $1!)  Anyways, I have complied some great cheap ideas to instant "Hallloween" to your house.

1.  Spider Webs:  You can go about this two ways.  1) Don't dust or vaccuum your house all year and you should be set next year! or if you prefer a clean house, 2) buy some bags of the fake cobwebs from your local dollar store or discount store.  It's easy to put up and takes no time at all!  I stretched our across the fireplace in the living room.  We have a big brick fireplace that was perfect especially since the fireplace isn't used in Texas until at least Christmas.  Mine did not come with spiders so I bought some big ones, spray painted them gold and stuck them in the web.

2.  Lights:  I use lights every chance I get.  I have a 100 count orange strand stretched across our fireplace under the spider webs. There's a strand of bat lights hanging across a family heriloom.  Mulitple little battery powered sets are all around the house.  Most of the 10 count battery powered ones I got at Dollar Tree this year!!  There was a skeleton set in a picture for Friday Favorites a couple of weeks ago.

3.  Plastic Skulls and Skeletons: I seriously became obsessesed with these this year!!  I spray painted all of mine!  At one time, I had 3 gold skulls (the sweet pup ate one).  I did my kitchen in black, white, silver/grey theme centered around the table runner I made.  So I have 2 skeleton hands that are silver.  I got them all at Dollar Tree!!

4.  Creepy Fabric:  I used this stuff everywhere!!  There are pieces draped across family heirlooms, coffee/sofa tables I even hung some on my porch!  Again, it all came from the Dollar Tree!  I bought the dark grey and black colors.

5.  Easy Bunting:  This was my first attempt at bunting.  I love it and have already decided to use some of my fabric scraps for Thanksgiving and Christmas ones.  You can buy the pre-cut triangles at most craft stores.  I heat pressed "EEK" on mine.  You can use stencils and paint (I am just not that good with stencils!) I then hot glued the triangles to ribbon I bought at the dollar store.  See how easy that it is?!  See the picture above...that's the one I made!

6.  Pumpkins:  Seriously?!  The easiest of all!  Go the grocery store, home improvement store, craft stores... everyone has pumpkins!!  I like to use real pumpkins.  Get them in all shapes and colors.  I even found a couple of black glitter pumpkins in the dollar bin at Target back in September.

7.  Free Printables!!  I made some of my own.  But I also visited several blogs and found super cute ones that I could just print and frame.  Some of my favorites came from "Tatertots and Jello" and "Yellow Bliss Road."  

8.  Candles:  Again super easy!  We all have them.  I use a mix of scented, non-scented and battery powered.  I like to light candles at night and turn off all the lights in the room.  The ambiance of the candle glow just makes me feel warm and fuzzy (on 85 degree "fall" nights).  Make sure to get pumpkin scented or something that reminds you of fall!  Right now I have candy corn scented candles!!

9.  Witch's Hat:  I bought a couple of cute ones.  If you have a chair or bench on yor porch, hang the hat on the back of it (or sit it in the chair).  You  can add a witch's broom and it looks like a well-mannered witch came over to visit!

10.  Paper Silhouettes:  You can buy pre-cut ones, have the kids cut them out or use your paper cutting machine.  I found a pack of 15 pre-cut spiders at The Dollar Tree and taped them to our front porch doors.  It looks like a pack of giant spiders are parading across the french doors.  You cut out bats and place them in the windows. 
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