Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites!!- Cheap and Easy Halloween

I freaking LOVE Halloween!  It was difficult to narrow down my favorites for today's blog.  But I opted for easy and low maintenance ideas.  I started decorating the Lone Star Shack (aka my house) the last weekend in September.  My reason?  Because October 1st was on a Wednesday and I can't take off  from work to decorate for Halloween.  When one decorates for Halloween, one must snack on candy corn and those little pumpkins.  At least that's my reason for eating bags of both the weekend I put up spider webs, bats, and skeletons.

#1 favorite-CANDY!!!  I usually always buy bags (and bags and bags) of candy corn and mellowcreme pumpkins.  I am pretty picky about the brands so I only buy Brach's (no they are not sponsoring this blog post!  I just really love them!)  BUT this year, I added a new fav...White Chocolate candy corn M&Ms!!!  They are "shut your mouth" yummy!!

#2:  Candy Corn Candles!!  Of course, why would I not buy this candle?!  Candles by Carol makes a yummy Candy Corn candle that I love.  She's a local candle maker that I make sure to check out a few times a month. Supporting local small business is where it's at!

#3:  GOLD Skulls!!  This year in a our living room, I went with a gold, creme, black color scheme for Halloween (with a touch of orange).  I adore cheap but cute Halloween decorations but then again, who doesn't?  I found skulls at the Dollar Tree and bought a can of gold spray paint.  I loved how they turned out.  I think I painted at least 3 to place around the house.

#4:  My homemade "EEK" banner!!  Since the hubs has all our TV "accessories" on the mantel, I could only decorate the front of the mantel and below.  So I layered homemade banners/ buntings/ pendants (whatever you want to call them).  Keeping with my color scheme of black, cream, gold and a touch of orange, I made a cardboard banner of 5 triangles.  I HUGE heart polka dots so the cardboard banner has big gold dots with smaller black dots.  I found cute spider web ribbon on Dollar General and placed it through the pendants to hang.  Then I took 3 cream colored triangles and sponge painted big gold dots.  Using my "letter cutter." I cut "EEK" in black glitter vinyl and heat pressed it on the triangles.  (Yes, I warmed up the heat press to press 3 letters because I was too lazy to paint them on with stencils.  Don't judge."   More adorable Dollar General ribbon (orange with black spider webs) is holding this banner up.  Last but not least, I found the cutest black spider web banner in the dollar bin at Target.  I have a chalkboard sign to add but it hasn't gotten done yet.

#5:"Hello Clarice...":  This sign was a must!!  My teenage daughter and her friends were OBSESSED with "Silence of the Lambs" during the spring time.  I lost count on how many times I heard "it puts the lotion in the basket..."  While my daughter was gone one day, I printed this little sign up.  I found a Halloween font on Pinterest, downloaded it, (googled how to spell "Clarice") and typed it up.  I don't have a doll of Hannibal Lecter laying around, so I used another gold skull, a small skeleton (Dollar Tree find painted gold) and another lime green glittery skull.  The little lights are skeleton heads that were also from the Dollar Tree.  The sign is in a 8x10 white frame from Walmart for less that $4!  I am still pondering what else to put with these guys.  Maybe some creepy cheesecloth for them to sit on...

Those are a FEW of my favorites for Halloween.  I chose cheap, easy, low maintenance decor ideas that can be copied with little effort.  So make your way to Dollar Tree and load up on skulls!!

Hugs y'all,

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