Monday, October 20, 2014

Make up Monday- Hey Pumpkin Face!

With Halloween coming up and pumpkins at all the local grocery stores, I thought I would make this pumpkin week!  So why not start make up Monday off with a pumpkin mask?  I am not a pumpkin fan but for the sake of research purposes, I gave it a try.  There were several different variations floatng around on the interweb (yes, I said interweb).  I did not have almond milk or greek yougurt, so my mask consisted of puree pumpkin and honey (Texas honey that is!)  I mixed 2 teaspoons of pumpkin and 1/2 teaspoon of honey in a bowl.  This is enough for one application.  Leave it on for 15 minutes then rinse off with cool water.

So here comes the part that tells you all the good stuff in that pumpkin mixture smeared on your face.

Pumpkin:  This seasonal fruit (vegetable/whatever) has tons of great uses!! The enzymes in the pumpkin puree helps to dissolve dry skin cells (which I DEFINITELY had dry skin!)  It contains tons of great vitamins (like A, C, K,E) and minerals (magnesium, potassium, and iron) that is great for acne skin. Pumpkins also have zinc which is awersome for controlling hormone levels and and oil production.  (WHERE WAS THIS STUFF WHEN I WAS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL??!!)  Another plus to pumpkin is it has little ninjas that fight inflammation and age accleraters (that's code for "makes you look younger). 

Honey:  This is a natural antibacterial.  It is great for people fighting acne because it is full of antioxidants.  It opens your pores and helps clean the "gunk" out.  Plus it is great for moisturizing!

I tried this mask out tonight.  My face was DRY!!  I use a facial scrub daily that has been a little tough on my skin lately.  I smeared a little pumpkin/honey mixture on my face and left it on for 15 minutes.  As it dried, i could feel it tightening.  Once I rinsed it off, I could tell a big difference.  My face is smooth and soft.  The  dry patches are gone!!  I am so excited about it, I can't wait to try it on my 13 yearold  daughter!!  She's going through what we all did at that age...ACNE.  Not a bad case, but enough that it bothers her.

I do have some changes I want to make so that it can be used a scrub.  I am thinking a little coconut oil and a pinch of brown sugar should work. That will have to be for another blog post though.

Hugs y'all!

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