Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wonder Woman Wednesday

Welcome to the first Wonder Woman Wednesday featuring a real life Wonder Woman!!  A couple of times a month, I will feature an amazing woman ( not just moms; any WOMAN).  To start off July, I thought I would invite Melanie to feature.  She is pretty amazing!  Melanie included some great tips to keep you amazing! She has included links to her adorable blogs that are always full of great ideas!!  Be sure to check them out.

It is important to note that I do not invite these amazing women to guest blog to put the rest of us to shame.  I know for one that when I get on Pinterest and Facebook, I feel like a terrible mom, wife, woman, etc because I don't compare to "THAT MOM."  It is important for us all to see that "the struggle is real..."  Most of us struggle with a healthy balance with all the things we juggle. The WW Wednesday is meant to unite us, provide a little humor and empower you to take on the world!!  Enjoy!!

Hey, y’all! I am so excited that Melissa had asked me to do a guest post! She is one amazing lady, so I feel like it is an honor!! I mean… she is a speech pathologist, runs a fabulous boutique, is a blogger, and is pretty stinkin’ cute!!!! So thanks, Melissa!!

I guess I will start off by introducing myself. My name is Melanie. I am a 31 year old follower of God, wife, and mommy to a 6 year old and a 4 year old (who is going on 16). I am also a middle school counselor which I love and a have a personal blog ( and a professional blog ( I am a lover of fashion, addicted to Starbucks, obsessed with anything from the 50’s, New York City, Or Paris, and I love spending time with my sweet family and friends.


I never realized how much of a balancing act it would be to be a working mom and wife. I am a busy person by nature. I love being involved and always moving yet even with that outlook, there are days that are so tough….days I forget things, days I feel like a hot mess, and days that I feel like I am going crazy. Through the past 8 years, I have learned some basic truths in my life that are musts. I still struggle with doing them each day but they make each day a little easier.


#1 Take time for you

As a counselor, this is something we remind people to do yet we have a hard time remembering to do ourselves. For me, taking time for me may be a quick drive to Starbucks listening to my favorite Spotify playlist or going to get a pedicure. A lot of times it may be reading my bible or reflecting on the day with a cup of hot tea. This brings me to the next thing that helps me balance it all…

#2 Make sure you have support

I couldn’t find success in anything if it weren’t for my husband. He watched Grayson as a baby when I was in grad school until 10 p.m. He helped every step of the way with the kids. He makes dinner when I have to stay late for something. He is there to talk things through with me and help me make decisions. He is my best friend and without his support, this gig would be rough. Whether it’s a husband, best friend, family member, or boyfriend…having a reliable, trustworthy support system is so important.


#3 Be a planner and stay organized

The only way I can half way juggle this crazy, blessed life of mine is with a whole lot of planning and to do lists. I can count 3 to do lists I have going right now. Whether it is something thekids need, a reminder to make an appointment, something Joey needs me to do, or an idea for blogging…I jot it down. I also write everything down and my hubby and I try to go over upcoming stuff at the beginning of the week so we know what we have coming.


#4 Have fun and stay positive!

This is one of the things I have to remind myself of. Life is not perfect and I will make mistakes. I have to realize that there will be crazy times and tough times. Will I totally get grumpy and do an ugly cry? Yes. But knowing that I am not guaranteed the next day and I have to enjoy each day as it comes and the blessings I have been given. We can spend our days worrying, upset over mistakes, or we can learn from it and have an optimistic outlook!


I am so glad I had a chance to get to share what helps me as a working momma. Now is there a laundry room full of clothes that need to be put away? Yes. But I think I will choose my battles. Cuddles with the kids over laundry wins every time!

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