Monday, July 14, 2014

Make up Monday-Back from the Beach

If you have been following the past few Make up Monday blogs, you know that I was trying out some 30 day challenges to get beach ready.  Well, now I am back from vacation, and after eating TERRIBLE during our trip, I need to get back on the work out wagon!  I liked the energy level I had and the way I felt and looked.  I did not want to continue the 30 day workouts so I went to the handy dandy App Store.  On my old phone, I had several running and workout apps.  But with the new phone, they had not transferred over.  
I wanted to not only start working out again but also start training for a 5K.  I started back in late February.  and was doing reallly well...until it decided to TEXAS!!  The kids were out of school for a couple of days and it was COLD!!  So when it warmed up, I never got back out there. The usual "mom" excuses... Pistol's baseball games, Red's track and basketball, work, and anything else you can think of...

Let me share the workout app that I am LOVING!! It is the Nike Training App.
Here's why I love it:  You can set up a 4 week program to target what you want.  Want to get stronger?  There's a program for that.  Want to get toned or lean?  There are programs for that too!  I tried out the "Get toned" program last week.  I worked out on Monday, thinking this stupid workout is a waste of time.  I am sweating like a pig but nothing feels like jelly.  I didn't feel like I was working hard enough. Note to self: Even workout programs can hear when you talked bad about them!!  Exercise made sure karma came my way Tuesday morning.  When it would be easier for your husband to just push you out of bed so that you can roll your way to the bathroom, you might have had a good workout!

Another thing I love about it is that is can go with the Nike Run App.  That app keeps up with your mileage that you run.  With each of these apps, you can rate how you felt during the workout.  So if you are thinking about getting back in shape, these are 2 apps I highly recommend!!  As always, don't begin an exercise regime without consulting your doctor first!!

Hugs ya'll,

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