Monday, June 23, 2014

Make up Monday...Week 3 of "Operation Beach Ready"

This is the start of the 3rd week of the 30 day challenges I accepted.  For you new readers, I found 3 different 30 day challenges on Pinterest, each targeting a different area.  I am leaving for the beach on Saturday and wanted to look good out there running around after my 2 kids.  

This is the part where I post a before and during picture (not going to happen) or brag about how many pounds or inches I have lost so far...before I fell off the wagon late last week!  Week 1 went awesome!! I was eating good.  Cut down my sodas to one a day (down from an average of 4 a day) and limited my sweets.  Then last week happened!  Actually, I did well on Monday through Wednesday.  Thursday, the exercise wagon hit a pothole and I fell off...BIG TIME!! We are talking Braums, Chicken Express, candy, sodas (more than one!!)  AND no working out!!! Then my little brother's birthday party came...and so did 3 ice cream cakes...and 4 pies...and cupcakes... Now it's Monday and I am not feeling too good about myself.  So I picked myself up (plus the 10 extra pounds) and started back on the wagon.  I have had alll my water for the day, ate my fair share of veggies (yuck) and fruits.  I also worked out and did an extra set of crunches. The plan is to be ready to go by Saturday morning and look good in my swimsuit by Saturday evening.  

Remember, I know this is supposed to be make up Monday but it's my blog.  I chose to blog about  my attempt to get in shape quickly without radically changing my lifestyle or diet.  I am a working mom, wife who happens to be running two businesses alone.  I don't have the time or energy for hour long workouts everyday.  

I might get brave and post a beach picture after we get back:)

Hugs ya'll,

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