Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Texas Tuesday- Don't Say Cheese!!!

This Tuesday I decided to do something a little different.  Texas Tuesday can cover many topics so I contacted several of my small business friends.  I  own two small businesses and word of mouth is the cheapest advertisement.  A couple of times a month, I plan to feature a small business.  Some will be local and some won't but all will be in Texas!

For the first small business, I chose my friend, Suzie Bell.  I met Suzie through basketball several years ago when our girls played on the same team.  Suzie is extremely creative and someone I bounce design ideas off when I am unsure.  She has taken our family pictures for several years and even did a couple of pin up shoots for me.  I even got her do the first product shoot for Lone Star Ginger!!   Now she specializes in children and senior portraits.

So who is Suzie Bell?
     I'm a stylized child portrait photographer. I also shoot styled family portraits and  creative unique senior portraits. Mother of two teenage girls who definitely keep me on my toes and keep me young. Married to my husband almost 16 years!  I work full time in marketing/social media.  Seriously addicted to Starbucks caramel machiatos, love instagram. My dog has his own hashtag #williard and is quite cute. Lucy my other dog is cute too but doesn't like to be bothered.  I was chosen as #1 portrait photographer in Dallas Fort Worth in 2014.  Website suziebell.com   instagram: @suziebellphoto 

***Her instagram is DEFINITELY one to follow!!***

What is your inspiration for doing what you do? 
     My goal is to stop time and freeze childhood at least for a little while.  They say time flies and any mom knows that's true. You don't want to forget that she liked to wear rain boots and a tutu and pretend she was a fairy princess or that he loved to wear a towel around his neck and wear his cowboy boots because he was a super hero.  Those moments are fleeting just as their childhood is.  Savor it forever with a styled child portrait and then PRINT a few of those images and put them on display.

How do you set yourself apart from the competiton?
     I think what I offer that is different from others is that I can visualize the final product when I look behind the lens.  When I see it, I know it.  I  can't wait to edit and showcase the final image.  I love posting the images to Facebook as sneaks and many clients have said it's like Christmas every morning.  My job is to tell their story through a look.  I hand edit each image and no one in age or shoot is the same.  I colaborate with my clients to create each shoot amd always try to top the last shoot.

Explain your style.
     My style is emotive, narrative and vintage. 

I hope ya'll go check Suzie out at her website or IG!!  She does a fabulous job!!!

Hugs ya'll,

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