Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wonder Woman Wednesday-"So you had a bad day..."

Admit it... when you ready today's title, you sang that last part. Today's blog is about staying positive when you just don't think you can even muster a smile on your face.  We've all had those days. Sometimes, "those days" turn into "those weeks."

Before you start thinking, "oh she's ones of those annoying people on morning talk shows." let me say this-NO I AM NOT! I don't drink coffee (yuck!) and I really don't like getting up early. I don't care for loud noises before 8 am.  That would be the reason for "no duck calling before 7am" in the house for my little guy.  I really don't like phone calls before 8 am (can't you just text me?!)  I REALLY don't like mornings when my little guy rambles on about a cartoon he saw 2 years ago!

However, eventually I have to snap out of this and get my day going.  By day, I am a pediatric speech therapist.  Would you hire Depressing Dena or Negative Nancy as someone to reinforce good language with your active toddler? I think not.  So for me, being around little ones with their funny little personalities keep me positive.  Most of the day is smiling or laughing at some crazy thing they are doing.

But not everyone works with kids (or enjoys their job), so here are some other ways to keep positive (without meds and adult beverages):
1.  Music!!  Depending on your taste, music tends to put you in a better mood!  Whether it speaks to your soul or gets you moving and out of your funk, music is one way to get in a more positive frame of mind.
2. Naps!  I know I always wake up in a better mood after a good nap on Saturday.
3.  Reading!  Whether it's your favorite bible verses, inspirational quotes or just a favorite book, reading tends to clear the head of negativity.
4.  Time with Friends!!  It might be a girls night out or just a chat session over the phone.  Either way, talking to friends makes Negative Nancy leave the circle.
5.  Fake it til you feel it!!  Yep, that's right!  Plaster the biggest "you know what" eating grin on your face until it's not fake anymore!  Before you know it, your smile muslces hurt from smiling.  (Because smiling is my favorite...)
6.  Exercise!!  Exercise creates endorphins....Endorphins make you happy...Happy people don't just go around killing people (to loosely quote Elle Woods from Legally Blonde)  It's true, excerise does clear the mind and shake loose the negativity.

It's always important to remember that a bad event does not have to take over your entire day.  In the big scheme of life, it matters about as much as the ice that is melting in my DQ cup.  Yeah it will change the taste of my DP but I can always get a fresh one. The bad things will melt away to give you a fresh chance at something great.

Hugs ya'll!

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