Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Texas Tuesday-Smitty's BBQ

In my house, we like to watch those shows that feature one food that 3 different states boast their's is the best.  One such show (the name escapes me) featured BBQ and the "war" between Texas and 2 other states on who has the best is what spurred our road trip a couple of years back.  In the town of Lockhart. There are 2 major BBQ joints that says "My BBQ is the best!"  We ate at one (and got full so we could not hit up the other one!) I mean seriously, when the resturant says their "weiners are homemade", why go anywhere else?
So Smitty's was our food stop for that day.  It was delicious!! Word to the wise...don't go in the middle of a Texas July.  You place your order and pay next to the fire pit that cooks your food.  That little room is a SAUNA!!  So combine a fire pit with 100+degree temps, and you could easily sweat off 10 pounds by ordering food!  Be sure to keep the little ones close by...the fire pit is OPEN and easily accessible to little hands. But you're a good parent, so keeping an eye on your kid should not be hard:) 

We ordered brisket and sausage.  Here's Red (back then she was little red) showing off a rib our friend ordered.  As you can see, there were no plates.  Your order is wrapped in brown butcher paper and you eat off napkins.  If you do not like a little BBQ sauce on your fingers, this place is not for you.  I am keeping wipes in my purse the next time we go.  The decorations and building are nothing to write home about.  It sits in the town square a little ways down from the courthouse (like all small towns).  There's nothing about this resturant that screams "I'm FAMOUS!!  I was on TV!!"  The food speaks for itself.

While you are in Lockhart, walk down to the courthouse and take in the beautiful architecture.  You will need the exercise after you eat at Smitty's!

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