Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thirsty Thursday-School's out for summer...almost

It is that time of year...the last week of school that drags for school teachers, students and parents alike.  Everyone is excited for different reasons.  Teachers are excited because they get rid of that one kid that just grates on their last nerve (yea, I know the spill..."I love all my students equally..."  I worked in schools for 7 years; I know the truth!).  Kids are excited about the freedom and sleeping late (if they are teens).  Parents are excited because the summer usually brings a more lax schedule.  Most of the school districts around us start their summer break tomorrow.  Not mine...Pistol has one more meaningless day.

So in celebration of summer break starting, I found a nice little peach flavored drink that reminded me of summer.  If you don't like peach, then this blog post may not be for you.

Here's a quick grocery list:
1.5 fl oz of peach flavored vodka
1.5 fl oz each of pineapple juice and cranberry juice cocktail
0.25 fl oz of fresh lime juice
2 fl oz of ginger ale

Combine the first 4 ingredients in an ice filled shaker.  Shake well and strain into an ice filled collins glass (one of those tall skinny glasses).  Top it of with the ginger ale and drink up.

Enjoy the night with a drink in one hand and a bowl of ice cream in another.

Hugs ya'll,

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