Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Texas Tuesday- Stonehenge, the Texas edition

It's been a while since I have written a Texas Tuesday blog.  But I thought now would be a great time with summer coming up and families going on trips.  Our family likes to take weekend road trips in the summer, usually centered around food.  We leave out early Friday with a loose adgenda for the weekend.  While on the road, we google things to see in small towns, stop and check them out. Last summer, we headed to Frederickburg with places we wanted to see along the way.  A few nights before we were set to leave, the hubs found this little gem outside of Kerrville.  I am afraid to fly so there is little chance of me going to visit the real Stonehenge.  But Stonehenge II...that's a easy drive. (especially if you are in the passenger seat!)

This little roadside treat was started by 2 men and a leftover piece of stone from a patio makeover!! The actual site the monument was built on was one of the men's land near Hunt, Texas.  It was moved to Ingram, Texas about 20 years ago.  It is complete with the head statues that are so famous!
And yes, if you were wondering...my 7 year old son did find it hilarious to pick the statue's nose. I mean HILARIOUS!

When you finish up checking Stonehenge II out, drive back into Kerrville and eat at Billie Jean's.  It sits along the river providing beautiful scenery while you eat.

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