Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Beginning of Glitter...

Lone Star Saturday is all about the inspiration behind a piece in my Etsy store.  Today I picked the Texas v-neck.  
Let me start by saying I love this shirt!  Like I could wear it everyday!!  I love the green color of the shirt and how it works with the gold glitter.  I just LOVE it!

And that's why I made more.  Texas girls are proud of where they came from.  Plus we like our sparkly pretties.   We embrace all that is southern-whether it's lots of bling, lots of hair (as in my case), gaudy jewelry, cool boots, or big belt buckles.  From the minute I cut out the glitter Texas, I knew this would be loved by more than just me.  And I have been right!  I love that people are ordering the Texas shirt (or tank) and wearing it on their vacations to other states and countries!!!  The beauty of this shirt is it is all you need.   You don't need the big hair or overload of bling to show your Texas flair.  You can throw this shirt on with a cute pair of jeans and flip flops and out the door you go!

To find it go to my Etsy store:

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