Monday, June 16, 2014

So You've Been Working Out...for a week!

Let me preface this blog.  I know that it is Makeup Monday and I am supposed to have beauty tips.  But it's my blog and during the summer most of us just want to be fit for the beach!!  Exercising and looking good in a swimsuit is a major beauty tip for the summer!  So if you are not interested in reading about how  I am staying "fit-ish" or you are not interested in joining in, then come back to the blog in September.

Last week, I let you guys in on the challenges I had accepted in order to get my pasty white and out of shape body ready for the beach in just 21 days!  Here are the changes I made over the week (all of them started Saturday).  The first major change is I took out soda!!  When you average 4 sodas a day, cutting down to one for the WHOLE DAY is progress!!!!  I took out the soda and replaced it with at least 60 oz of water!! Needless to say, I found all the clean restrooms along my routes for my day job...AND the ones I will never use again!!! My body was flushing toxins like crazy and I was just drinking regular water.  I have a pinterest board full of "fat flushing" detox water recipes but didn't use one!  By Wednesday, I noticed a difference in my energy level as well as the tummy area (which I guess is where I was storing all the sugar from the sodas.  The next thing I did was cut out ALL fast food...or at least most!!  Usually I eat out everyday for lunch at some fast food joint that is somewhat appealing.  I had also gotten on a donut kick and unfortunately, had a donut shop on my routes to work.  So when you start your day with a DP and a dozen donut holes EVERYDAY, you start to add a few pounds.  Top that with lunch at popular fast food chains and BOOM... you are bloated, unhappy and constantly carrying around a spare tire!  

If you are not following along, so far I have cut out sodas and (most) fast food and already noticing changes!  Then I added my 30 day challenge workouts on Sunday.  Let's just say I hurt all week!!  When rest day came on Wednesday, I was ecstatic!!  My legs hurt, my shoulders hurt, my abs hurt.  I did change up my ab workout by Thursday and add this one:
I liked it better and felt like I got a better workout for my abs. Now I have made it to the weekend and it was busy.  Saturday I had a craft fair where I did cheat and I have 1 soda and a little of another one.  Plus I did not get to work out but I was lifting stuff and putting up my tent.  Sunday was Father's Day and while I did not cheat on sodas, I did eat a few more sweets than planned...and I did not work out.  With today being Monday, I had planned on adding running to my workout but not sure if I will do that or double up on my workouts today.

I am not saying this will work for everyone.  I am not a fitness guru or a nutritionist.  I am just blogging about my experience and how I fit exercising and being healthy into my life.  I am not trying to look like a fitness model or a weight lifter.  I just want to be happy with my appearance and possibly make my husband's head turn when he sees me at the beach.

Hugs ya'll,

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