Monday, May 12, 2014

Make up Monday-So you got a sunburn...

I am sure you can tell what I am dealing with after a wonderful weekend...Yep, the first sunburn of the summer.  Now before I get lectured on why I did not put on sunscreen, I was not in the sun that long. Pistol had a 10:15 am baseball game Saturday morning.  I looked super cute in my button down white shirt (with the sleeves rolled up) and my new black and white polka dot shorts.  Topped it off with my "baseball mom" necklace and my favorite red converse shoes.  I was supporting his team with their colors-red and black-while still looking stylish.  I sat on the opposing team's bleachers so that I was not directly in the sun using their dugout as partial shade.  Fast forward to that afternoon, as I am running errands and delivery necklaces...
Notice the odd sunburn?  Burnt one side of my right leg all the way to my knee!  See how cute the shorts are though?! Now if I had been raised in a "normal" family, I would run to get aloe vera to slather on my leg to stop the stinging.  But no... this is where I tell you that my dad believes in one thing when it comes to sunburns, sprained ankles, jammed fingers and any other injury that is "sore."  My dad called it "Brown Vinegar" (because he has names for everything that no one else is familiar with)but it is known as Apple Cider Vinegar.  This is one tip (could be considered a beauty tip) that I use all summer long!!  Pour some on a cotton ball and dab it on the sunburnt area.  I do it before I go to bed, allowing the vinegar to work overnight and causing me to HAVE to wash my sheets the next morning. The next morning you will not feel the "sunburn hangover"-you know, when everything your sunburn touches makes you want to crawl under a rock and cry...that is if the rock does not touch the sunburn.  You will still be red but you won't hurt. 
This is fairly simple trick to use in the summer that I thought I would share as a "beauty tip".  I like to keep the vinegar in my fridge so that it is cold when I have to use it.  You definitely won't smell good but at least it works!  Hope this helps you survive the summer...and if nothing else, helps remind you to use sunscreen. I have used the vinegar on my shoulders, back, forehead, nose, etc and it has worked every time.

Hugs ya'll,

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