Monday, May 19, 2014

Make Up Monday- The answer is always MASCARA!!

Let me start by saying I was not paid by Sephora or the mascara company, Benefit, to write this blog.  While it would be nice, it did not happen and...ain't gonna happen.

Now, I was all fired up about writing this blog because  I do love my mascara.  But then two different times today, I have heard about 3D fiber lash.  So that means I am going to HAVE to try it out and then blog my thoughts about it!  I had NEVER heard of it before today so I am pretty sure we (me and the 3D fiber lash stuff) were meant to meet.

On to the real subject of this blog, my current favorite mascara... "They're Real."  That's the name of it and I love it!  I first tried out this mascara as a "birthday gift" (aka sample) last summer.  At the time, my opinion was "It's ok."  Then I switched back to my regular mascara...and that's when I noticed the diffrerence! Needless to say I went back and bought the "big girl size" mascara! That small baby sample was enough to convince me.  It is priced about the same as all the other mascaras at Sephora (around $22) so it is not the cheapest but not the most expensive either.   I loved that it made my lashes stand out.  Let's be honest...I am a pasty white chick with red hair.  You notice two things about me-that I have NO color year round and my hair is red.  I can probably speak for most redheads in saying that we usually always put on some form of makeup to keep us from looking transparent.  Mascara is one of the easiest ways to add some definition without going overboard on those "lazy" days.  It is nice to know that adding "They're Real" to my lashes makes people realize I am not a white blob walking around.  It adds a little color and makes my eyes stand out a little more.  Then I am just a white blob with stand out lashes and blue eyes!  This is just my little review of my favorite mascara....not everyone is going to agree and that is ok!

Here's a nifty little guide on how to apply this fabulous mascara:

So now I guess I need to try out the 3D lashes!!

Hugs ya'll,

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