Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wonderful Woman Wednesday: Take a Break From Being Amazing, Dear

So you've made it to're exhausted.  You've ran kids to their after school activities.  You've done housework.  You've made Mexican lasagna for dinner and are just praying that it's edible since you were missing some ingredients (that last one hits home today).  You've worked a full time job and probably ran into overtime as well.  Whatever the came home saying "It's just Wednesday."  You've done all you can do and you're really looking forward to Thirsty Thursday.

Why do we run ourselves til we can't run anymore?  Is there an "off" switch that women didn't get?  Did God only send the memo to get the "off" switch to men?  No, I am not man bashing so step off that soap box.  My hubs is currently at baseball practice with Pistol while I made dinner and cleaned up a little.  I am just trying to figure out why we don't take time for ourselves.  I challenge you to put yourself first for a small amount of time  each week.  I am about to give you a list of "mommy/woman timeouts" that don't have to break the bank.  That way you can't say, "Well,  I am broke.  I can't take time for me this week."  Not an option. No excuses... you know what they say about excuses.

1.  Close your bedroom door (and lock if needed) and watch your favorite show. 
2.  Take a nap.
3.  Take a relaxing bath.  (check out last Sunday's detox bath)  Be sure to lock the bathroom door!
4.  Put a movie on for the kids and give yourself a manicure.  Use a nailpolish you don't usually use. 
5.  Read a book.
6.  Take a nap!  
7.  Send the kids wth the hubby, relative or close friend and enjoy quet time in your house.  (This one is my favorite!!)
8.  Complete a craft you've been wanting to do that is just for you.
9.  Take a nap!  (are you noticing that I like to take naps?)
10.  Put the kids to bed 30 minutes early and enjoy a glass of wine.

These are all things you can do that cost little to no money.  If you want to get out and spend a little money, go see a movie or have lunch by yourself or with a friend.  Go get a massage or a manicure/pedicure.  Buy yourself a cute new shirt, skirt, necklace, whatever!

However during your "me" time do NOT:
1. run errands
2.  watch cartoons
3.  clean house
4.  grocery shop
5.  pay bills
6. cry because you miss your kids (strangely enough there are moms that do that)

Remember your challenge this week is to take time for yourself-even if it is only 30 minutes.  If you feel inclined, leave a comment about what you did and how it recharged your batteries!  Slow down for a moment and realize you can't be fully amazing if you are running on empty.

Hugs ya'll,

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