Wednesday, July 15, 2015

June Book Review: "It's A Long Story; My Life" by Willie Nelson

If you were a follower in June, then you might remember the book I chose to read.  Willie Nelson’s autobiography came out late May/early June and I decided to tackle it.  I did not have much background on him other than he was from Texas and he smoked pot.  Man, did I learn a lot about him!  When I began reading this book, I thought it would be great for aspiring musicians.  He chronicled each “failure,” each time he was told “no,” and each time someone tried to change his ways.  But better yet, he also discussed each time he got back up.  It did not hit me until the last couple of pages, this book speaks to any new business owner or entrepreneur.  His desire to become more didn’t just pertain to musicians.   That same desire could be in a small time photographer who dreams of shooting magazine covers or a fashion designer who dreams of her clothing line gracing models on the runway.  It spoke to me as a small business owner.  To make it in this world, it’s nice to have the advice of others.  But you also have to stay “you” and not let anyone change what makes you “you.”  Willie did things his own way and did not allow people to change him.  This book sends a major motivation message without even trying.  He’s just telling his story.

Back to his story…he was married…several times.  I like his honesty with the ending of each marriage.  He admits he ran around on his wives, cheated and was hardly ever home.  Most celebrity “tell all” books paint that celebrity in bright light.  They are sure to make themselves look good.  Not Willie.  He laid it all out there.  The ups, the downs, the in-betweens…just honesty.  You see throughout the book how much family and faith mean to him.  It makes you realize he’s not any different than the old man next door.  You begin to understand why he has the fan base he has.  What’s not to love about an 82 year old man who admits his faults and loves his family?

If you have not read it, you need to.  Even if you’re not a Willie fan, it’s still a good read.

There’s my quick, to the point review of “It’s A Long Story.”  If you want to know the details, you will just have read the book.
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