Monday, June 15, 2015

Make Up Monday-May's Birchbox Review

Yes, I is mid-June and I am just now reviewing the Birchbox from last month.  I tried the products but never got around to writing a review.  So here it is.  You're welcome!  May's box was just "okay" for me.  I got a lot of skin stuff (which is fine) but some of it was just not right for me. 

1.  Benefit Cosmetics' "It's Potent!" is a hydrator that brightens dark circles and boosts your skin's elasticity over time.  A full size container is $34.  I really like Benefit's make up line.  I wrote last summer about their foundation that I thought was perfect for Texas summers!  This product I did not see much of a difference.  Now, remember Birchbox gives a small sample that is usually only good for 1-2 uses (depending on how much you use).  So it is kind of unfair to say this one does not work.  I would consider buying the full size to see how it does.

2.  Coastal Scents' Revealed 3 Eyeshadow Quad is an eye shadow set that I am totally digging.  It has 4 colors-2 light colors, 1 dark and 1 medium.  I have used mostly the dark and the 2 light colors.  I like that the light colors have a hint of shimmer which is great for summer.  They go on so smooth you barely know you are applying it.  The full size palette is $20 which is not bad for eye shadow palettes.

3.  Harvey Prince's "Hello" spritz has hints of citrus with floral notes.  It has a sweet smell that is great for summer.  I don't wear a lot of perfume since I work with kiddos that have various allergies.  After not wearing any perfume all week, I tend to forget it on the weekend too!  But this is a sweet smell that gets you ready for summer time.  Full sizes range from $26-$55.

4.  Marcelle's Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel was not right for ME.  I used it several times (not applying much) and it made my skin feel oily.  I even started getting breakouts on my chin when I was using it.  Not saying it's a bad product; just not a product I will use.  The full size trial is $24.

5.  PARLOR by Jeff Chastain's Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray was great!  I even took it on vacation with me last week.  I love a good sea salt spray during the summer.  I have long hair and it is often a pain in the summer to fix it every morning.  It is much easier to spray some of that and let my hair dry.  Plus it smells like the beach!  A full size bottle is $24.

Hope everyone has a great week! 

Hugs y'all!

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