Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wonder Woman Wednesday-Memory Jar

The memory jar started a while back when I was cleaning my son's room.  He had went to a car show with his dad.  He had brought back his ticket stub and a key chain.  He's kind of like me.  I like to keep little stuff from events or attractions that we have went to.  That's when it hit me...Just stick it all in a jar.  I chose a mason jar I already had in the kitchen cabinet.  I will probably get him a larger one as he collects things.  It has been so easy to throw little tokens in there!!  He has ticket stubs, admission bracelets and other little knick knacks from our adventures in there.  This jar is a little different than the Grateful Jar that I wrote about in November.  This one is just specific to one person if you wish.  Chief keeps his in his room under his TV.  The Grateful Jar can be more of a family thing.  The memory jar is really easy.  I took a large mason jar, tied a little ribbon around the neck with a name tag so we knew who it belonged to.  That was it!  He has gradually added things over the last 9 months which has cut down on his clutter of "randomness."  Now if I could just cut down on the Legos, superheroes, and toy weapons!

Keeping memories doesn't always mean you have to scrapbook everything.  I have ran out of time to do that anymore.  Our phones crash and loose pictures when we least expect it.  This is an easy way that takes the same amount of time as cleaning out your pockets at night.  Grab a jar and start making memories this summer!
Hugs y'all!

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