Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wonder Woman Wednesday- It's ok, Mom...

In honor of this past Mother's Day, I thought I would take today to make a compilation of some of my personal favorite "mom fails" or "you're not the only one" posts.  You know the ones...Like the one morning that everything is sailing smoothly.  The kids are getting out the door and in the car a few minutes early (a rarity!!).  You're thinking this is just too easy.  Then as you let your 6 year old son out at his school, you wave to him and watch him eagerly walk up to the school entrance...AND then you notice his shirt is on backwards!!  MOM FAIL!!  (In my defense, it was during the spring and that was the only morning I did not double check.  Plus it was a camo shirt, so who even noticed?)  Or that time that you bought a package of Pepperidge Farms know the soft and chewy cookies that taste like caramel apples...and you secretly ate them in the pantry.  You didn't eat the whole package in one sitting though.  You hid them in the pantry and came back to them throughout the week to sneak one when no one was looking.   I am here to tell you it's ok.

If the first two confessions aren't you, maybe this one is.  You don't allow your children to eat your chocolate covered cherries because you are afraid they will eat all the chocolate off and leave the cherry.  It's ok, mom.

My sweet friend, Tara from Boyd meet Girl, wrote a post recently about mommy confessions.  There were some pretty good ones.  Some you really have to wander about mom's support system (like does she have one at all?!)  Then there's the one who you would really like to join at Starbucks with your packed gym bag.

The point is we can't be all star moms all the time.  It would be unfair to the universe if moms were rock stars 100% of the time. 

Sit back, mom and enjoy the fact that you are not the only who lies about the monster who ate all the ice cream.

Hugs y'all,

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