Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thirsty Thursday- The Margarita Edition

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, how could I ignore margaritas?  If you caught the April issue of "Texas Monthly," it had a pull out poster with the margaritas at restaurants in the state.  Several recipes were also added on the poster.  There were some restaurants located in Houston (where we just happen to have a weekend road trip planned to this summer!)  Did you know that Lupe Tortilla in Houston has over 100 margaritas on the menu?!!  Yes, it's already on my list.

Well, since I can't travel anywhere this weekend to enjoy a great margarita, I thought I would compile some recipes I could make at home.

I love strawberries and just happen to have some in my fridge.  This margarita from the Cookie Rookie sounds really yummy.  To me, strawberries say summer is coming soon!! 

The fair is in town this weekend so I wonder if I could smuggle in a red solo cup of a cotton candy margarita?  I think this one could satisfy my sweet tooth.
Cotton candy margarita recipe |

The last margarita recipe I have from comes from Texas Cooking.  It's a traditional margarita on the rocks recipe.  I love that they recommend a Texas brand!!
Pitcher of Margaritas

So get out the blender and mix it up this weekend!  Make sure to grab some good Mexican food while you are at it!  I had previously blogged about an easy enchilada recipe back in March. 
Hugs y'all!

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