Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wonder Woman Wednesday: Am I the Only One? Technology vs Paper Calendar


I consider myself a person of this decade.  I have Facebook and Instagram.  I overload my Pinterest boards with pins I will never do.  I can navigate my computer, phone and IPad...all at the same time if needed.  I don't have Twitter because I think it might be overload on social media.  I don't snapchat or Vine because I think I am a little too old for those.  But there's one thing I prefer to do "old school."  No, I don't churn my own butter! (But I like the idea!).   I have an actual, real life paper calendar that I keep my weekly appointments in.  I have to take a pen/pencil and HANDWRITE my appointments in every week! (Gasp!!).   No schedule goes into my phone.  Not one appointment.  I have attempted to be tech savvy and keep things on my phone calendar.  I don't like it.  Want to know why?

1.  I'm a visual person.  I like to see my entire week at one glance.  When I can see Monday thru Friday's work schedule, I can easily find my open slots to add more clients or a meeting quickly. 

2.  My days are not always the same.  I am in different places everyday and clients aren't always the same.  So I need to have a quick reference in the mornings.  This also where I tend to keep my "to do" list.

3.  As a private speech therapist, I do all my own billing.  It's much easier to check off a client after I have billed them.  For private pay clients, it's easy to write a check number next to the sessions they've paid for.   I keep notes in my weekly calendar about client visits and things to try for the next time.

4.  I actually like the feel of my appointment book.  I like actually taking a pen to write in appointments.  While I am on the phone, I can still look at my calendar to schedule things.  I like looking back on Friday and seeing everything I accomplished that week.

5.  Since I document so much in my calendars, I keep them for a time period.  They go up in a cabinet so they are out of the way.  I keep them for at least 5 years.  

Everyone has their way of keeping themselves on track for the day.  I realize lots use the calendar in their phone.  Maybe one day I will convert.  But for right now, I am happy with my pencil and paper.

Hugs y'all,

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