Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thirsty Thursday- Meet the Teacher Night!!

So here in Texas (if you are an out of state reader), we have "Meet the Teacher" night.  It's better known as "The Last Time You Will See The Teacher Relaxed" night.  You know, the night when the teacher is all relaxed and bubbly, ready to start the year and tell you the parent all the awesome things she is looking forward to doing with class.  Especially the first year teachers!  Then you see them at the Christmas party and they have aged 10 years since August.  You've got to give them credit.  They deal with a lot.  I worked in the schools as a speech patholgoist.  The politics of education can beat the most awesome teacher down!!  My kids have been blessed to have great teachers that stretched their minds and broaden their outlook on the world.   Red is an awesome student who doesn't question much, takes in the information presented and applies it.  Chief, on the other hand, is quite the opposite!  He's well behaved (he better be!) but questions everything.  He craves the need to google everything!!!  It's good but...he also feels that in order to breathe, he has to talk,  So he talks...ALOT!

This is the place when his teacher inserts a Thirsty Thursday blog into her life.  Since the kids are going back to school, I thought an apple drink would be perfect!  It's tradition to bring an apple to the teacher but not with a bottle of vodka!  That's frowned upon.  I searched high and low for excellent apple drink recipes.  I like the ones that don't have a lot of ingredients.  I will say I have not tried this one yet.  I plan on getting everything to make it this weekend.  It seems pretty easy.  It's called Red Apple.  All you do is fill a glass with ice.  Add 1.5 oz of green apple flavored vodka and 3 oz of cranberry juice.  Stir well and enjoy!!  I am not a cranberry drinker but still think it will be yum!

Enjoy your thirsty Thursday!
Hugs y'all, 

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