Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Texas Tuesday in a Small Town

This Texas Tuesday is brought to you by the small, quaint little town of Grand Saline, Texas.  As with most small towns in Texas, there is not much to it but it makes for a fun and low maintenance day trip.  We took the kids there during spring break this past March.  I wanted to go to the Pink Pistol in Lindale, the hubs wanted to check out a food joint (in the middle of nowhere) so we needed something fun for the kids.  We found it in Grand Saline!  Our first stop of the morning was East Texas Gator Farm.  The kids loved it!!  It is on a small farm off of FM 1255 so don't expect a "big hooplah" in the middle of town.  The best part is you won't go broke getting in!  I think it was around $20 for all 4 of us.  You enter in the gift shop which turns into a hands on exhibit.  There were several handlers allowing the visitors to touch and hold the animals.
(Check out Chief with some sort of horned toad looking creature)

Ok, so you've seen a cute kid and a creepy lizard; let's get to the real reason we went!  GATORS!!!
Yeah, they had big ones.  Since we went during spring break, it was still a little chilly that morning.  All the gators were out sunbathing.  Very cool!  There were also several other animals to look at like tortoises, lemurs and (yuck!) a llama or two.  We had pictures of the kids with those animals too but I did not feel like bogging the blog down with photos of my adorable kids!

A small thing you may or may not know about me...I enjoy the history of small towns...no matter how lame it might be.  Did you know Grand Saline sits on a huge lode of natural salt? So much salt that Morton Salt sits up shop there!  They even have a salt palace in town!   No it's not an actual palace but it is a neat little museum (free of charge but they accept donations) with sweet little elderly women eager to tell you the history of the salt mines.  The building is made of actual salt (with a sign that says do not lick the walls).  And yes, these two clowns licked the wall!  Apparently, there is Facebook page for the salt wall lickers but I have not gone looking for it!
Kiddos sitting with a GIANT chunk of salt!

While you are in town, you cannot miss out on a trip to Nutty's.  It sits right now from the salt palace in downtown.  If you want awesome (not just good) peanut butter, check this place out!!  I will drive 45 minutes and pay $8 a jar for their peanut butter.  It comes in many different flavors but my favorite is the chocolate marble.  We first visited this place back in November during a basketball tournament weekend.  The hubs and I knew we had to make a stop when we went back through in March.

Now that I have given you a little rundown of what fun there is to have, get off the computer, pack up the kids and go!!

Hugs y'all!

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